Before You Buy A Diamond

Definitely think about what style of wedding ring would go with your ring. Some engagement rings don’t let a band fit right up against them, so it’s important to consider the full package of tips versus pavĂ© and channel stones before committing to an engagement ring style. Three-stone platinum engagement ring by James Allen with a lab-made diamond core stone, F-color 1.20 cts., VS1 clarity, ideal round cut. Although diamonds are “traditional” engagement ring stones, colored gemstones are often durable enough for everyday use and absolutely beautiful on their own.

If you need a custom wedding ring after you set your mind, your partner should be without your engagement ring for 4-8 weeks, include it in your wedding timeline. Talk to the jeweler about this when you buy the engagement ring so you can immediately tell your operating system that you have an organized plan and schedule (plus brownie points!). Sometimes couples buy the engagement ring with the wedding ring as a couple. This ensures that they are uniform and go together perfectly, but there is no need to do so. The priority should be to buy each ring when you feel the time is right. Some couples opt for matching wedding rings or supplement the engagement ring with multiple stacking rings instead of a wedding ring.

When you finally find the dream ring, be sure to purchase a certified stone from an accredited laboratory like the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America. Fluorescence is a trace mineral reaction that causes a “bright” effect under a UV light. About 1/3 of the diamonds are fluorescent, and while DR diamond ring not universal, fluorescence can change the perceived appearance of the actual color depending on its strength and color. Fluorescence used to be considered totally negative for the value of a diamond, but modern understanding has shown that fluorescence can positively and negatively affect the value of a diamond.

Sapphire, ruby and emerald are the most popular, but gemstones such as morganite and aquamarine are also excellent ring stones. Despite the amount of discussion and prestige that carat size gets, few diamond buyers find it more important than the other factors in the four C’s. A well-cut diamond will shine brightly and make an engagement ring beautiful, regardless of size. A popular rule of thumb is to find out your ideal ratings for the other three metrics (cut, color, and brightness) before considering carats. Once you’ve set up the other three C’s, just buy the larger carat that still fits your budget.

We understand that buying a diamond ring can be a confusing and stressful process, even with the above information. Diamonds are expensive and it’s not easy to find the perfect balance between cut quality, color, clarity and carat weight without exceeding your budget. If you’re willing to compromise on color and brightness, you can get a bigger brick. “My clients want an F-color with very light inclusions, but they quickly realize that they can reduce the quality to get a larger size or spend less money with the same weight in carats,” Gottlieb says.

The purchase of the engagement ring interweaves pure emotion with practicality. You choose a symbol of love and devotion for the woman who transformed your life. But you also spend a lot of money on an object that you don’t really understand, and it should last forever. “The habit feels more special than just walking into a store and figuring something out,” Hannah explains.

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