Bush Vetoes Charcoal Grill Bill; Cites Carbon As Fundamental Component Of All Life

Predictably, George W. Bush used his veto power by dropping the controversial coal bill, which the Senate and House are increasingly aware of the promise of science he boldly voted on – without, however, enough votes to reject his reckless motion. . The bill would allow federal funding for barbecue research. It was the first veto of his presidency.

Referring to the role of carbon not only in coal briquettes, but also as a major part of life, Mr Bush said: “You have to respect carbon. Without him, none of us would be here.” Then he pointed the finger and said, “I wouldn’t be here, for example. I owe my life to carbon. ”

Behind him were several extremely grateful families who were invited to take part in the photo shoot.

Bush, smiling broadly, took one of the children and said, “Like all these families and their wonderful children. They wouldn’t be here without carbon. ”

The reporter commented, “I think it’s right, sir, because carbon is also in the oil, and I’m sure they got inside or stole.”

“Oh, gosh,” Bush exclaimed. “Being president is much harder than I thought. Don’t tell me! Also in the oil?

“Yes, sir, and in the coal.”

“Well, I’m not a chemist,” the president acknowledged. So I’m going to have to study it. If that’s true, I’m going to have to speak out against burning coal.

“What about burning oil?” called a reporter.

“This is another question that I have to ask the experts. We’ve got a lot of these guys in a big tower. I’ll do whatever it takes. As you know, I have eight vetoes.

“8?” asked the reporter.

“Yes, and so far I’ve only practiced one,” the president said, then offered, “I’ll show you.”

With these words he took off his shoes and socks. Then, in a remarkably monkey motion, he raised his legs and pointed at them.

“Look, I have five fingers on each leg. These are four gaps between them, or, if you count both legs, only eight gaps. Now note how the gap between each two fingers creates the letter V.

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