The Viral Veto!

It was like conquering Umashankar. For the first time after more than a month of uninterrupted house life, he dared; he made this important decision, referring to the great need for natural physical movements, in addition to the occasional jumps and aftershocks to which he indulged every morning at home; he had to make sure he was still a normal person. There has been an alarming increase in infections recently, and restrictions have been stepped up to this end, making walking and jogging impossible even on campus housing partnerships. For a senior like him, staying at home was more strictly required by both society and his family. But he must have felt fine, he decided. So, one afternoon, when his wife and daughter-in-law were sleeping, his son was in the office at the emergency work, and his grandson was busy with online classes, he risked going out with the keys to the house.

He was a little worried when he went to the main door, but the guards just told him and said nothing or asked. Once off-campus on the track, he was free and fascinated. To improve the situation, the patrols also disappeared from sight. Yes, the world has not changed completely during this time: now more and more cars, high-speed trains and taxis are flying. Pedestrians, of course, were much less, and people his age – infrequently. He began to walk fast, waving his arms and straining his muscles.

A few minutes later, Umashankar reached the grocery store, a place he visited so often with his wife or daughter-in-law. He stopped, and he wanted to go shopping, as usual. People came in and out; Some load cars with purchased rations; some crowd around the field staff office for mandatory hand sanitization and thermal control; and some employees rush back and forth to check and look after. He killed his temptation. No, he can’t afford it, many recent infections have been attributed to the store, and as a senior, he has to show love and satisfaction with his family’s responsible actions.

He looked around and decided to cross the highway. However, most of the stores were open. Walking down the service road, he noticed that his favorite restaurant is also open, the manager relaxed and yawned behind the counter, and some of the waiters who decorated the door looked at him with hope. He stopped again, tempted: he just wants to occupy one of the tables, covered with temptation and thrift, and order one of his favorite dishes to wrap it up. No, he can’t afford it for the same reason, and for another reason it is believed that the virus stays longer on plastic bags. He went again. At the intersection, he swerved to the right onto the main street leading to the busiest market square.

Several shops were open only on one side of the road, and the market for vegetables, fish and meat was closed. He saw a small tea stand run by an old woman, open without a sip. He felt the need to experience this pleasure again; Oh! this simple indulgence now seems like a welcome luxury. The tea stand awakened in it a much stronger desire: oh! how desperate he wants to have this pleasure in broad daylight, without a mask. But, to his disappointment or relief, he did not know which ones, these little shops were still closed, or rather they were forbidden to do business. He turned his attention to the stationery shop, which he frequented, and again felt tempted to make minimal purchases. “No one,” he sternly mutters. He continued on his way and returned to the freeway on the ring road.

While waiting for a green signal at the intersection, he noticed that the traffic was almost normal. To his left, a half-empty city bus stopped, and he again felt the temptation to jump up and enjoy the pleasure he had missed so much in the last few months. In addition, he thought, shopping malls are now allowed to do business according to strict standards, so why not visit the nearest just for a change, if not for shopping. Umashankar immediately killed this bait for the same or similar reasons.

Umashankar began to fear: how his now-tested fickle mind had rather cruelly subjected him to all sorts of impulses, desires, and temptations, making him more vulnerable than even his age could. The moment the signal turned green, he rushed to the half of the race and headed home. The guards simply watched him with complete indifference, reinforced by a yawn.

When Umashankar reached his floor, he quietly inserted the key to the house and opened the door. His grandson, who was now watching TV, looked ominously at him. He smiled affectionately at the child and said he had just inspected the campus. Satisfied with sitting on the couch, Umashankar felt happy that this daring walk gave him at least a good opportunity for natural physical movements.

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