Veto Power Comes With Lead Quantity

Last week we discussed quality tracks, but it’s still a game in numbers. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. If we can’t interest enough people and want to look at ourselves, we’ll never have a choice to take their business. (I remember when I was lonely!) When choosing quality, it is important to have a certain level of quantity. If you don’t have enough money to cut off, you may be nervous about accepting everyone, and this could jeopardize the value of your business.

IS USP strong? – If you are not positioning yourself more strongly than your competitors, this may be part of the numerical problem. If you have a few clues, but they are not enough, clearly formulate their choice. What do your customers really want from you? Please don’t fall into the trap of “we provide excellent customer service.” This is the most used and least distributed marketing copy. USP stands for “Unique Trade Offer,” where “uniqueness” is the key word.

Expanding the market? – You can’t assume that you will have to expand into larger markets if the number of potential customers is unsatisfactory. The opposite could be true. You may be in an oversaturated market and need to specialize even more. Take the brokers. No matter what the economy is, you can always find tons of them. Those who focus on a particular city or housing construction tend to be more successful. They’re not trying to be everything to everyone. They become experts in this part of the city. For those who live there, it becomes second nature that he is a typical assistant in their needs.

The feasibility study. One of the most little used tests in business is the feasibility study. You can be so close and objective about your product that you won’t even realize that it’s really impossible. I have the opportunity to talk to many companies about their products. About once a month (yes, often) I talk to someone whose product doesn’t have a strong enough market. It is difficult to listen because the person is usually very excited and will definitely work. These people are on my list because I can’t help them – no one can.

If you don’t have a consultant or marketing coach yet, call me or find a real business partner who will be very honest with you. It’s best if they’re part of your target audience and aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. So don’t call your mom for this job!

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