One Mans Trash is Another Mans Veto!

Big Brother Allstars Episode 2 is gaining momentum, as a lot of events have happened in the last few days. Danielle was initially stunned as she had never been nominated in Big Brother history as she reached the finale of Big Brother 2 without a single nomination. Alison admits to admiring Danielle and telling CBS that she respects and admires her as a player. The episode begins with a conversation between Alison and Danielle, while in the background on the wall you see images of dragons and the words “love” and “hate” with definitions on them. They decide to confront Jace and Janelle to find out why they were named. But their actions over the last few days speak louder than lies, and, of course, the cameras record everything – so there is no special explanation for either side. Both are guilty of trying to stab Janelle in the back. Danielle hangs out to talk to Jace and Janelle, and all Alison attributes. Then Alison comes back to hang it all on Danielle. In one of her statements earlier in the episode, Alison says, “I’ll bring Janelle into this house pure suffering,” and then admits that she’ll have to lie and try to suck Janelle when she walks into the room.To talk to Jace. . Janelle, pretending to be a sucker who believed Danielle. Definitions of love and hate seem to have fallen on this evil duo: Alison and Danielle as they continue their love-hate relationship.

and that they have something in common/their attraction to Dr. Will. Dr. Will, however, sees Howie’s apparent admiration and attraction as a way to form a kind of alliance (perhaps that’s the plan That Will knows): “I’m going to replace the proverbial piece of paper. number on it and you’ll tell me what you think. “Dr. Will wants to use Howie to destroy what he calls “Sea Sickness” or The Alliance’s sixth season, and plans to “saddle Dr. Will like a breadcrumb.”

Chicken George – a real joker of the series and it seems completely inappropriate, even having trouble finding a room for magazines. Is he really as stupid as he works, or is it part of the chicken strategy? Nacomis is trying to find alliances with Mike Boogie and Daniel, and all assume that the older brother of six players has an alliance. If there wasn’t a Six-season alliance before, now it’s there.

Marcellas and Erika enter the HOH room and try to talk to Janelle about two perverted women who knocked them out and caused them to have revenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to knock out the man who kicked you out in the first round of the game? Marcellas says, “My whole being wants Danielle to leave at the first opportunity.” Erica wants Alison out, and Marcellas wants Danielle out. Janelle believes that Alison is the biggest threat in terms of competition, as in the past Danielle has rarely faced difficulties. Marcellas agrees that Alison may be the strongest opponent, but tells the camera that “Daniel is a manipulator and her jugular vein is visible and too juicy.” He always tells the girls that “there is hell in one hand and hell in the other.”

The Power of Veto competition is a contest that gives the winner the opportunity to veto one of the nominations and choose the other. The POV competition involved six participants: “two HOHs: Janelle and Jace, two nominees: Alison and Danielle, and two randomly selected: Chicken George and Kaysar. Mike Boogie was selected by both HOH as the show’s announcer. Alison thought she was going to move Janelle, and Danielle feels hopeless. The competition is billed as a “diving competition” and Danielle is afraid because she doesn’t like “wet water” – is there anything else?

The amazing twist is that it’s a dive into the Big Brother landfill. The dump contains articles for the last 6 seasons. Every guest in the house had to jump into the trash cans, search the landfill and find 6 veto panels, then jump to the landfill and put them on the veto panel. Right before Mike Boogie says he needs to go, he announces that there are a few more things to put in every big trash can. PB and J Buns were added to each landfill as they are no longer serviced, along with the six seasons of Dirty Sewer Hair, Dirty Dozen Mud from Big Brother 2 and Fish Chump from Who’s Your Chump from Big Brother 4 and Sundaes Ice Beetle from Big Brother Six from Hell’s Ice Hut, all mixed into one, were thrown into each bird one by one. Everyone was disgusted, except Chicken George, who seemed not only to accept his fate, but also loved when he was covered with chicken garbage.

While George searched the place where he played dust hockey, and from the smell of the bird H.G.’s eyes shone, they all dug deep and tried to lift the bans. Kaisar and Janelle were toe-to-toe, Daniel kept up, and Chicken George, Jace and Alison couldn’t catch up. But Janelle was unstoppable. Final totals were: Janelle 6, Kaisar 4, Daniel 3, Jace 2, George and Alison on 1. Alison reacted to Janelle’s victory by saying, “I think Janelle has decided my fate.” Janelle was happy and proud to have run Allstars, winning both HOH and POV, and Jace wanted Janelle, not herself, to take down her target and send her janelle.

Although Dr. Will seemed to be trying to come up with things that almost convinced Janelle to use her veto, she eventually decided to fire Danielle and Alison so that the house would be happy. Clever move on Janelle’s part, as most seem to understand why they had to be removed.

Now the Big Brother Allstars House is really getting hot, and until the next performance all day! In the meantime, watch live broadcasts, 4 cameras 24/7 in the house of Big Brother.

Live this weekend, Howie threatened to become Hurricane Howie on Nacomis. Howie knows what he’s up to? Chicken George got drunk and tried to slip and slip. Janelle and Erica have formed an alliance and swear that they will never vote or name each other. Erica and Jace seem to get along very well, too, and Erica was annoyed with how Howie continues to look at her ass and tits (not for nothing), and Howie continues to be obsessed with Dr. Will. No live broadcast? You don’t know what you’re missing !!!

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