Prague Or Munich; A Vs City Comparison And Travel Guide

All the usual crimes and scams of a European capital are present in Prague, although the city is generally very safe for visitors. Keep an eye out for pickpockets in busy areas and especially on public transport. Also, try to avoid taxis being picked up directly from the street – tourists are often the main target for inflated fares.

If you’re not interested in Munich, I think it’s best to take the train from Mainz, as Fussen isn’t too far from Munich anyway. If you spend more than 2 days in Munich, you can take advantage of the geographical location of the city, close to many interesting attractions. There are many day trips from Munich to choose from, and there’s something for everyone.

Oktoberfest is a festival that you must attend at least once in your life. People from all over the world travel to Munich to enjoy this festival and the atmosphere here is extremely cheerful. Germany is a vibrant country that has a lot to offer visitors.

That’s why I wrote a post per district dedicated to the best hotels in Munich. Of course, the longer you stay, the more you can discover. However, you will most likely spend between 1 and 3 days in Munich, either for a weekend or as part of a longer trip through Germany. Because it is a big city in Germany, there are many people in Munich who are bilingual or speak multiple languages. You can do it with English, but it’s important to bring a German phrasebook when you’re walking the streets of the city. Although Google translates works well, but you can’t fully rely on internet service in every corner of the city.

Somehow my brain just couldn’t register that a white scoop of ice cream that looks sweet could taste like that… 3 weeks before Christmas, Munich’s famous Christmas market takes place on Marienplatz and you can wander around, buying some Christmas produce with food and drinks everywhere. St. Peter’s Church is one of the best places to do just that. Considered the oldest church in Munich, st. Peter’s Church is one of the most important monuments in the city.

Then, explore the pretty Hofgarten, where babbling fountains and bandstands once provided a refuge for Bavarian royalty. You can also head straight to the Chinese Tower Beer Garden to drink traditional German hops and try bratwurst and pretzels until sunset. The summer crowds have not yet arrived, the snow has melted and the thermometers can oktoberfest read a pleasant 20 degrees during the day. Shindig and beer consumption begin in mid-September and last until the first days of October. It’s usually still warm for the party, but the days are getting shorter and sweaters will be needed the closer you get to November. As a result, Prague is likely to be at its peak in spring and autumn.

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