So-Called Harmless Flirting? – Use Your Veto Power With Women Instead

Innocuous flirting (also known as harmless flirting) is a phrase that men don’t usually hear, as these are the terms that women have coined to describe the behavior of ”attract and change’. But here’s how the dynamics work…

It is well known that women have the greatest power over men. They have something, and we want it. And they know that’s what we want – most young women from puberty say that men are only interested in one thing.

And girls don’t need a lot of time to realize that most guys jump through almost any hoop in the hope that they will like them.

Girls will also learn that it is a “woman’s privilege” to change her mind of their own accord.

The end result is that a girl can force almost any guy to do something for her by instilling in him that she likes him and that she may be willing to give him some freedom in return. However, the catch (from our male point of view) is that she can refuse to give birth afterwards, and this has no consequences.

Most men are too accustomed to being recipients of such an arrangement, even a few even believed that the whole structure of the relationship between a man and a woman is based on a man’s willingness to play a game of dating according to rules based on women.

The formula is the same: we have the courage to say hello, invite them for a walk, play for them, pay the bill for evening events, then hope for a modest “return” from these time-consuming and earn money. But more often than not, most guys leave a typical date without having anything to show.

In fact, it all comes down to parasitic behavior, so what should the average person do?

In fact, you can not complain, because you will immediately be convicted for the fact that you even assumed that she is obliged to keep her implied promise (physical) services in exchange for your own services (financial and other expenses).

So here’s the best way to make sure you’re not being exploited with old bait and spoofing:

When you were a kid in the playground and you didn’t like the way things worked, you had a way out: you could get your ball back and go home.

You have the same option for flirting, dating and dating – you can catch the ball (and) and go home. Women have no power over you unless you give them that power.

So if you’re going on a first date and she won’t let you kiss her at the end of the date, go ahead.

Don’t give him a second chance.
Stop talking to him on the phone.
Don’t help him move furniture.
Don’t paint his house.
Don’t buy him a new car.
Don’t ask for her hand in marriage.
The party (for her) is over.

Let’s just say she cuddles up to her on the first date, but she doesn’t move on the second date. If so, follow the same strategy: it’s gone as far as possible.

What if you feel something on a second date, but she doesn’t want to sleep with you on a third date? Just like in baseball: hit three … She’s out!

Expect both directions and movements on dates with a woman. If something doesn’t move in the right direction (and at a reasonable pace), keep going. Just like that.

When progress slows down or stops (or doesn’t start at all), head to the door. Stop wasting time, energy or money on it. She doesn’t love you that much.

It’s complicated? Any. You play dating for her (and in the process you also come across the tab). So why doesn’t she play for you in return?

If she loves you, let her actions speak louder than words.
And if she doesn’t like you, send her and find a replacement.
After all, why would you waste time dating women who don’t love you so much?

There are “givers” and “takers” in life. So if the woman you’re dating turns out to be an amateur, show her the door.

Your only real force against women is the veto, and we encourage you to use it if necessary.

Apply this tactic and you minimize the waste of time and money caused by hidden (but rarely fulfilled) promises of harmless flirting.

About Mack Doppler:

Like many other guys who just found out about women, Mack from the beginning was a classic ‘good guy’ and kept getting along. But on his way to studying psychology and business administration, he took a year off to work on lighting for rock concerts in the city.

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