The Top Dumbest Reasons For Not Teaching Braille – The Student Veto Excuse

Most blind children in America don’t learn Braille. This is all the more alarming because Braille is an important factor in the professional situation of blind adults. According to the American Braille Institute, the National Press Braille, the National Federation of the Blind and others, more than 90 percent of the working blind adults read Braille. Even among those who do not use Braille to read books, its value for independent living is fiercely controversial.

So why don’t they teach Braille? Of course, with so few blind and visually impaired children learning Braille (10%), there are many excuses. The teacher is a connoisseur, right?

“He doesn’t want to learn Braille.”

Where were these defenders when I didn’t want to study algebra? Nowhere in education does a student’s desire to study a subject be so respected! However, the task of adults is to prepare children for life in the real world. The release of blind children from Braille education is proof of the double standards under which the blind cannot be held to keep up with their sighted peers.

Some blind children have become successful lawyers, engineers, chemists, journalists and professionals in many and many different fields. Blind children can be expected to compete with other children of their age and intellect without chronic headaches or extracurricular and social activities. If a child’s vision is so bad that the child does not keep up with his level, or if the observation takes much longer than that of his peers, should enter Braille.

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