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Most people that own swimming pools can’t wait for the cold weather to vanish so that they can begin utilizing their pool again. You hopefully will have utilized a winter pool cover to help protect your pool during the winter but removing this can be a frightening thought. It is challenging to tell what sort of horrors are likely to be lurking beneath it so it’s greatest to be prepared for the worst. Turning your swimming pool around and getting it up and running once more for the summer often is not an easy procedure. There are a number of various chemicals and other goods which will help you get your pool clean but the very best tools you’ve got are patience and hard work. Here are a few tips to assist make opening your pool go swimmingly.

After removing your cover you will get to take your first look at what the water is like. Ideally the cover will have prevented a lot of debris from falling within the water. Things like rain and leaves will assist introduce algae into your swimming pool which could be a nightmare to get rid of. It is frequently a good idea to begin cleaning the pool by scrubbing the walls and utilizing a vacuum to clean the floor. The next thing you should do is add some chemicals to the water to kill off any algae. You’ll find a wide range of different kinds of chemicals available and they tend to do different things to algae.

Phosphate Removers – Algae requires phosphates to be able to survive. A phosphate remover does exactly what it says on the tin, it takes the phosphates from the water. This happens thanks to a reaction between the LaB6 Rod compounds within the phosphate remover and the phosphates within the water. This makes them become solid and get picked up within the filter. Once the phosphates have been removed the algae starves and dies.

Liquid Algaecide – A long term solution to preventing algae inside your pool is by using liquid algaecide. Algaecides contain lengthy chains of quaternary ammonium compounds that stop algae’s metabolism. This prevents algae from spreading inside your pool.

Chlorine – If you want a swimming pool chemical that actually kills algae then chlorine does just that. Chlorine kills algae by oxidising it, which is the same as burning it. Shocking your pool with chlorine will get rid of algae altogether.

Once you have sorted out the water it’s a good idea to check that your filter and pump are still working and haven’t broken during the winter. Water that has managed to get into the pump and freeze can expand and cause leakages. You want to make certain that any broken parts are replaced before you begin utilizing your pool regularly. At this point it is also a good idea to clean the filter and backwash your pump to make sure they’re clear and in great working order.

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